Traffic and Planning Manager

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Job Description

Traffic and Planning Manager
Full time


Role overview

Job Summary


The Traffic and Planning Manager will work with the Freight & Traffic Lead in developing and managing the Project’s freight strategy and managing traffic related matters pertinent to the requirements of the relevant HS2 Works Information WI1400 and WI1700. A key part of the role will be to manage the vehicle numbers in and out of the site and establishing the capacity of relevant junctions, the route network and redesigning where required.


The individual will also support the requirements regarding the Construction Logistics Strategy and the Construction Logistics Plan as well as the other Logistics and Traffic deliverables as required by the contract, with particular emphasis on:


  • Local Traffic Management Plan(s)
  • Environmental, Sustainability and Safety Management Plan(s)
  • Highway Condition Maintenance Plan incl. cleansing management
  • Route Management, Improvement and Safety Plan(s)
  • Other plans as outlined in WI1400 & WI1700 and the HS2 RTMP


Where required the post holder will support the scoping and establishment of vehicle holding areas (VHA) and consolidation centres (CC), including the routes and access to and from these locations and the road the network.


The role will also support on freight issues with other stakeholders such as, but not limited to, Birmingham City Council, EWC, MWCC, emergency services and any other directly impacted stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities

  • Advise and support freight & traffic related matters with procurement to ensure tenders contain the correct information for potential bidders to make an informed decision.
  • Implement the Freight strategy, identifying areas of opportunity.
  • Liaise with suppliers to ensure compliance with FORS and CLOCS requirements.
  • Implement, manage, and monitor the vehicle and driver checking procedures.
  • Ensure subcontractors comply with the standard and level of vehicle safety and, environment and driver training requirements set by HS2.
  • Coordinate freight & traffic related matters with the relevant package managers, logistics team and consents team.
  • Work with the consents team to ensure consents and their associated works are being adhered to by the sub-contractors in respect of freight movements.
  • Liaise with the consents team to deliver appropriate and timely information in relation to all consents including (where necessary) those related to highways works.
  • Work with the consents team to draft, develop and seek approval of Local Traffic Management Plan (LTMPs), and support the town planning lead in submission of associated Lorry Route applications. 
  • Develop and maintain a relationship with the relevant equivalent individuals for MWCC (BBVJV), particularly in regard to traffic flows in and out of the Curzon Street Station site and key routes. 
  • When required, prepare and submit temporary traffic management schemes to HS2 for acceptance and implement the approved scheme.
  • Liaise with internal MDJV colleagues to maintain their awareness of the commitments given in regard to freight and traffic and that the Project continues to meet them.
  • Develop and provide freight and traffic related supporting materials such as toolbox talks, briefings/handovers, and guides on operations.
  • Where appropriate implement, manage and monitor MDJV fleet vehicles.
  • Work with all relevant parties to identify and fine tune procedures for pre-application discussions and applications for consents with HS2 and BCC hosted TLG meetings.
  • Assist the Planning Managers to incorporate the key freight related milestones into the programme.
  • Identify and analyse risks relating to the freight strategy or other traffic related matters relating to area of responsibility, act as a risk owner of such risks when requested and input to project risk lead.
  • Ensure that all plans are completed in a timely manner and escalate where issues are encountered.
  • Liaise with the Highways Consents manager in their role as primary user for ‘Street Manager’ online database.
  • Establish, Implement, and manage a system for traffic management, and material tracking.
  • Ensure all relevant data required by HS2 is made available in a timely and appropriate format.


Qualifications, Certifications and Experience required

  • Strong knowledge of logistical practices within construction 
  • Excellent traffic management background
  • NRSWA qualified
  • CSCS card
  • Past experience of major construction projects
  • Degree level academic qualification
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics


Contract type

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