Why You Need a Diverse Workforce to Succeed In Business

Why You Need a Diverse Workforce to Succeed In Business

Here’s what statistics have to say

According to the UK 2011 census, Birmingham is home to people from different ethnic nationalities.

They are, in their percentage value

White British | 70%

Asian | 19.5%

Black | 6.1%

Chinese | 0.5%

Mixed race | 2.5%

Minorities | 0.6%

The ages of the residents include, in their percentage value

Under 16 | 23.4%

16 to 59 | 57.7%

60 and above | 18.9%

These statistics shows that a greater percentage of the population constitutes the workforce, which could come from any of these nationalities. This is why, more than ever in history, diversity, and inclusion (D & I) should be a significant component of the UK workforce.

You may be thinking, what exactly can the benefits be?

Here are three reasons why a diverse workforce will help your organization/company flourish

Increased performance, creativity and productivity

Research has shown that having a diverse workforce where everyone has a sense of belonging reduces fear and pressure, and so, enhances performance as everyone puts in their best. Also, a diverse workplace provides room for creativity to thrive.

People are affected differently based on the environment they grew up in, so the results gotten from a heterogeneous workforce beats those of a homogenous one any day.

The evidence of this statement is seen in the productivity rates of companies such as H&M, Gucci, Prada, and Waitrose, that overlooked the results a diverse workforce could bring to their company and made decisions that were viewed by the general public as racist, thus reducing their value. It is certain that if different minority groups were involved in the decision-making process, certain events could have been averted.

Increase in revenue

What could be better than this? Recent studies have shown that companies with a diverse workforce experience a significant increase in revenue. This is often because there is increased performance and service delivery, and people always want to be part of an inclusive system.

Enhances the reputation of the company

Companies that hire people from different ethnic nationalities are always viewed as good employers. Because most of these employees understand the customers better and can relate with them on a personal level, clients will feel more comfortable in doing business with them.