Skills Needed to Successfully Gain Employment after School

Skills Needed to Successfully Gain Employment after School

Most young people are caught up in a web of confusion after leaving school and trust me, that feeling is awful, especially if they are from BAME backgrounds and are trying to break into the UK market. So many questions will pop up in their heads like,

Where do I go to from here?

With the rigid competition, how do I break into the market?

What skills do I need to successfully gain employment in my chosen field?

If you find yourself in this category, take a deep sigh of relief, because you’re not alone.


There are certain skills and abilities that managers, directors and top executives of companies look out for when hiring. They are:

Effective communication skills

This is, by far, one of the most important skills you need to learn, especially if you are from a country whose national language isn’t English. In any job, effective communication simply involves being able to pass information and ideas clearly, either by talking or writing.


This is another very important skill that you need to cultivate. In several cases, you would need to work with people from diverse ethnic groups and nationalities, so your ability to blend in and work collectively with them will go a long way. You can cultivate this ability by doing group assignments, volunteering for an organization, or even engaging in a sport.

Organization and planning skills

Developing timelines for projects and meeting deadlines are all part of planning and organization, and it is certain that this skill will come in handy. You can cultivate this skill by organizing a family get-together, or something as simple as developing a reading timetable and sticking to it.