How CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Can Help Young People Raise Their Career Aspirations

How CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Can Help Young People Raise Their Career Aspirations

Young people are the future of our workforce, so it’s important that every available resource is invested in them to ensure that they are guided towards the right path.

There are various ways we can help with raising aspirations:

  • Engaging with young people directly
  • Engaging with families and parents
  • Working within schools to develop new teaching practises
  • Organising extra-curricular activities

By exposing young people and students to better opportunities, providing them with motivation and education we can raise their aspirations and open doors to a variety of exciting new career paths. 

So, where does CSR come in?

CSR is a model that helps companies to be socially accountable to themselves and their local communities. It helps them to be aware of the kind of impact they are having on society, it can help them to thrive or it can be their downfall.  

CSR can be economic, environmental or social, and it means that the company must operate in ways that will have a positive impact on the community.

There is, therefore, a huge link between CSR and raising the aspirations of young people. 

Raising aspirations of youth in local communities can lead to higher employment rates, economic growth, and improvements in general mental and physical wellbeing. 

And that’s where Evenfields comes in. 

We work within schools, universities, and colleges, to engage with students and teach them the skills necessary to succeed. We can partner with your company, and establish connections to the young people we’re working with. Opening doors to mentor programs, apprenticeships, work experience placements and even future hires. 

We see our work within schools and our approach to CSR as a sustainable cycle that benefits everyone from the youth to businesses alike.