Diversity is like a dog. It’s for life, not just Christmas.

Diversity is like a dog. It’s for life, not just Christmas.

If you take a few minutes to search ‘Diversity’ on Google Trends you’ll see something interesting.

International Women’s Day = SPIKE

Diversity and Inclusion Week = SPIKE

Diversity in the workplace is like that uncle you have, that you only see on birthdays and Christmases and you make small-talk and promise to keep in touch but you never do. You always have good intentions, there’s malice involved, you’re just busy, you have more important things to do and he doesn’t really seem that bothered about seeing you either so it’s all good.

That’s workplace diversity.

We always start with good intentions. We see that there’s a problem and we know we need to make an effort but we always find something else to focus on. Then every so often something happens in the news, or a sexist buffoon gets elected as president and we’re reminded about the importance of diversity, so we start again. It’s a terrible cycle.

If we care about diversity in the workplace, then we have to care all the time. Not just on holidays or theme weeks. It’s tiring work, but it’s important.

We can all see the benefits, so it’s time to wake up and start making changes.